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An artist should not fall in love with another artist.
A poet should not fall in love with another poet.
Play it safe. It’s easier that way.
Kiss people who can’t understand why you cry when the sun sets,
who think it is because you’re afraid of the dark.

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An abandoned Victorian tree house somewhere is South Florida

This is from the town I grew up in!! I found info on it. 

Originally part of a large complex and former nursery business this incredibly thought out tree house is one of a kind. It has begun to deteriorate beyond repair since most of the windows were broken out and the weather has gotten in. With vaulted ceilings and decorative wall paper, a kitchen and bedrooms this 3 story miniature house has it all. It is located just at the back of the abandoned house that is near the center of the property.

17346 Powell Road Brooksville, FL 34604 US

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